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Basic Computers

The MTLC’s Basic Computer Program is designed to provide students with the ability to use a personal computer and related technology that is quickly becoming a necessity for employment in nearly every industry. Students are expected to learn to perform tasks like sending and receiving emails, typing and printing a letter, and doing research on the Internet.  In addition, students will also learn to participate in social networking web sites, chat and web conferences.

This program consists of 2 10-week courses, Computer Fundamentals and Internet Communication.

Computer Fundamentals


The curriculum includes classroom studies and lab. This program is composed of 10 weeks of study in:

·        Computer hardware.

·        Operating systems.

·        Application software.

·        Keyboard and mouse basics.

·        Sending and receiving email.

·        Using the Internet.

·        Performing searches on the Internet.

·        Creating folders and documents.

·        Saving documents.


There are no prerequisites for this class.

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Internet Communication


The curriculum includes classroom studies and lab and is composed of 10 weeks of study in:

·        Social networking sites.

·        Web conferences.

·        Internet chat.

·        Document and resource sharing.

.        Completing application forms online.

.        Making purchases online.



Basic computer skills.

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Receiving a Certificate

Students who successfully complete the 20-week program will be awarded a certificate from Mattapan Technology Learning Center

The Greater Boston / Mattapan 

Technology Learning Center