Mattapan Tech's Online PM course
Lesson 4- Project Initiation- Project Charter
1) Be sure to include your student ID and name on every assignment and every contact with the school.
2-) Each assignment will be graded and your grade will be sent to you by email.
3-) Your coursework will be monitored by live instructors, you can contact your instructor by email or by using contact forms that will facilitate your communication with your instructors.
4) You may take the course at your own pace on a period of six months, except in cases of prolonged sickness or absence due to military service.
5) Mattapan Tech is a non-profit organization, each student is encouraged to raise at least $50 for the school. (Not mandatory)
After the solution has been agreed and funding allocated, a project is formed. The Project Charter defines the vision, goals & objectives, scope and deliverables for the project. It also provides the organization structure (roles and responsibilities) and a summarized plan of the activities, resources and funding required to undertake the project. Finally, any risks, issues, planning assumptions and constraints are listed.

Vision: A vision statement is a stunning optimistic description of an expected outcome that creates a mental picture of a what you want to accomplish. It could be a vision of a part of your life, or the outcome of a project or goal. There is not a big difference between a Vision statement a mission statement.


“Mission Statements” A Mission Statement defines an organization's purpose and primary objectives. The vision statement convey both the purpose and values of the organization.

An example of a vision statement: I want everyone Mattapan, Dorchester and Hyde Part to know how to use a computer and the internet by the year 2015.
Project goals: The goals of a project are what you want to accomplish to achieve your vision.
As and example of goal: My goal is to train 1000 individuals every 3 months
Objectives: The objectives are measurable work packages that needs to be done to achieve a goal.
An example of objectives: 1-Train 20 computer instructors by June 1, 2- Establish a training center in each Boston neighborhoods that can train 100 students every 3 months by December 2015.
Project scope: is a list of project goals, objectives, task, cost and deadlines to complete a project.
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