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Assignment # 8

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 1-What is the most important component of the triple constraint?

a.- cost

b.- time


d.-they are all of equal importance

2 - What are the 5 process groups in PMI approach to Project Management?

a.-Initiating, planning, executing, controlling and closing.

b.-Initiating, planning, executing, testing, sign off.

c.-Requirements, system development, testing, user acceptance and testing

d.- Initiating, planning, executing, testing, closure

3- What is the main role of the functional manager?

a.-To control resources.

b.- To manage the project when the project manager is not available.

c.- To define business process.

d.-To manage the project manager.

4.- Which of the following is the definition of a program management?

a.- Managing of related or similar projects in a coordinated way.

b.- The process of computer program management.

c.- Managing a television program.

d.- Done for a purpose

5.- Which of the following is an advantage of a projectized organization?

a-Business unit competency

b.- Optimization for a single focus on the project.

c.- Having to get approval from functional management

d.- A place to go when the project is complete

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