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Mattapan/ Greater Boston Technology
Learning Center, Inc.

24 Regis Road, Mattapan, MA  02126

(617) 298-035700


Non-Discriminatory Policy

Mattapan/ Greater Boston Technology Learning Center (Mattapan School of Technology) admits students of any race, color, national origin, sexual orientation to all the right, privileges, programs, and activities generally accorded or made available to students at the school. Mattapan/ Greater Boston Technology Learning Center (Mattapan School of Technology) does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, national origin, and ethnic origin, in administration of its education policies, admission policies, scholarship programs, and athletic and other school administered programs.

Classroom Policies

Make sure to read the school policy. If you have any question about our policy, please ask your instructor or call our office at (617) 298-0357

Registration Fees:  The registration fees for classes range from $25 to $400.  This fee is non-refundable.  After attending the first class of any session, this fee cannot be transferred to another class or another date.  This fee is not transferable to another person.

Lab Fees:  If a lab fee is applicable for your program, the lab fee for all classes is must be paid in full on or before the first day of class.  Anyone who has not met their financial requirements will not be able to continue with their class. Lab fees are non-refundable. In the event that the student drops out of class or fails to successfully pass their class, lab fees previously paid are not transferable to a new class.

Test and quizzes: Students will be required to take a series of quizzes; PC Repair and Project Management students will take 3 tests, Networking students will take 4 tests. Mattapan Tech does not allow makeup tests, except with extreme circumstances such as a medical emergency, a student may place a request for a makeup test. The student may be asked to show a letter from a physician to support the medical emergency.  Make-up test results are  graded as pass or fail. 

Passing grade: Mattapan Tech accepts a minimum of 60 over 100 points as a passing grade.

Fundraising:  Mattapan Tech is a non-profit organization and relies heavily on fundraising.  During the course of their class, we expect each student to raise $50 for the school to assist with operating costs.  In the past, students have asked their employers, friends and family to contribute $5, $10 and $25 donations.  Some students have asked many individuals to contribute $1.

Software licenses:  No student is allowed to copy any software license by pen, cell phone or any other means.  Any paper containing a software license must be returned to the instructor.

Safety – For the safety of our digital equipments, no liquids will be allowed in the computer lab.

Equipment – The equipment in the classroom is the property of the Mattapan Technology Learning Center.  The premises are monitored by closed circuit television cameras.  Students are not allowed to leave with any equipment that belongs to the Mattapan Technology Learning Center.

Cell Phones – Please place your cell phone on vibration during each class.  If you must accept a call please go outside on the porch, or if it’s very cold, stay by the front door and talk quietly. 

Parking – Please do not block any other cars, driveways, etc.  Please park your car on the even side of the street, (the same side as the Mattapan Technology Learning Center). 

Guests – We do not allow any student to be accompanied by any guests.  This includes children, friends, spouses or any other individuals.

Recording – We allow audio recording using digital or audiocassette recording devices.  We do not allow students to use any video recording device at any time during your class at the Mattapan Technology Learning Center.  Be aware that some classes will be broadcasted live online and some classes may be videotaped and any resulting video may be used for promotional purposes for the school. 

Drugs and Weapons – Mattapan Technology Learning Center has a zero-tolerance policy against drugs and weapons.  We expect students to arrive for class ready to learn.  Please refrain from bringing any drugs or weapons into the building.  Any student who violates this policy will be removed from the classroom and forbidden to return. 

Respect – At the Mattapan Technology Learning Center, we believe that each student should be treated with respect.  This includes respect between students.  During each class, each student should feel free to ask any question related to the subject being discussed.  Even if you feel the question is unnecessary or you feel annoyed because you already know the answer, please allow the student to receive the answer from the instructor.  In this class, there are no dumb questions and we do not appreciate students laughing at another student because of a question.   We expect all students to maintain a professional attitude while in class, in practice or out in the field.

Hygiene – Please practice good hygiene before attending a class at the Mattapan Technology Learning Center.  Please be aware that very strong body odor, and strong cologne or perfumes may bother the student next to you.

Attendance – Attendance in the Mattapan Technology Learning Center’s training classes is very important.  In order to receive your certificate you must not miss more than 2 classes during the 8-week period.  At the same time, attending each class does not guarantee that you will receive a certificate.  You must show improvement from week to week throughout the session in order to receive a certificate.  * We expect students to arrive on time for each class.  If you have an emergency and will be more than 30 minutes late, please call us at (617) 298-0357.  We will not allow students to enter the classroom 30 minutes after the class begins. 

Snow – If the City of Boston declares a Snow Emergency, class will be cancelled for that day.   In addition, if Boston Public Schools are closed due to snow, we will also close. Be sure to check our website, www.mattapantech.org, for make-up assignments or online classes.


Sexual Harassment – Please refrain from making comments that could be considered as harassment of another student.  This applies to both men and women.


Violence – The Mattapan Technology Learning Center has a zero-tolerance policy against violence.  Any student who appears to be acting in an agitated or violent manner will be removed from the classroom and forbidden to return. 


Security Cameras – The classroom, office and entrance/ exits are monitored and recorded by live cameras and the school reserves the right to share any recordings with law enforcement agencies if necessary.


Recorded Classes - For training purposes and for reporting to our donors, the school reserves the right to record some or all of the training sessions without notice to the students.


Graduation/ Certificates – There is a $100 graduation fee for all students who pass PC Repair, Networking, IT Specialist, Project Management, Web Design and MS Office Specialist.  Fee includes your participation in the annual graduation.  Any extra seats to annual event not reserved in advance will be regular price $40 each. 


Changes to Settings on Equipment – Students are not permitted to make any changes to the settings on the computers or monitors, this includes setting new passwords.  Any student that does make unsupervised changes may be charged for necessary repairs.  If there is any problem with the equipment, please notify the instructor.


Job Search and Job Placement - Mattapan Tech will assist  graduates with resume preparation and job search, however Mattapan Tech does not promise a job to every graduate.



For PC Repair Students Only


* PC Repair Solicitations – Students are not employees of Town Computer.  PC repair jobs accepted by students must be performed under the supervision of a master technician.  Desktops may be brought to Town Computer for a discounted price of $20 and $40 for laptops and the student must plan time to work on the computer.  A desktop that is brought in by a student and worked on by an employee of Town Computer will be required to pay the full price for the repair.



The Greater Boston / Mattapan 

Technology Learning Center